Monday, March 12, 2012

Japanese Names: Swordsmiths

A three month old Shiba pup.

How about naming your dog after a famous Japanese sword smith (katana smith)? Owing to the nature of these names, they are suitable for males.

Kanemoto - かねもと - 兼元
Kotetsu - こてつ - 虎徹
Masamune - まさむね - 正宗
Munechika - むねちか - 宗近
Muramasa - むらまさ - 村正
Nagamitsu - ながみつ - 長光
Nobukuni - のぶくに - 信国
Yoshimitsu - よしみつ - 吉光

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  1. That's really great! I really like your name lists - especially since you also include the kanjis!
    Thanks a lot for that! =D