Monday, March 12, 2012

Japanese Names: Sumo Wrestlers

Again, owing to the fact that all sumo wrestlers are male, these names are for male dogs. In this list are the names of some famous sumo wrestlers (rikishi).

Chiyonofuji - ちよのふじ - 千代の富士
Taiho - たいほう - 大鵬
Futabayama - ふたばやま - 双葉山
Raiden - らいでん - 雷電
Kitanoumi - きたのうみ - 北の湖
Takanohana - たかのはな - 貴乃花
Wakanohana - わかのはな - 若乃花
Akebono - あけぼの - 曙
Musashimaru - むさしまる - 武蔵丸
Hakuho - はくほう - 白鳳
Asashoryu - あさしょうりゅう - 朝青龍
Kaio - かいおう - 魁皇

I grew up in an era when the sibling Yokozunas (grand champion) Takanohana and Wakanohana, and the Hawaiian Yokozuna Akebono, were in their prime. I still remember the last, and 22nd, tournament Takanohana won. He tore up his knee in a defeat, and probably should have quit the tournament, but Takanohana in his usual stoic and unyielding manner showed up and brought down the house. I even managed to find a clip of the tournament on Youtube.

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